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About us

About us

We are in Costa Smeralda, a few steps from Porto Cervo, in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world.
This is where RENA 41 Distilled Gin was conceived and has its home, CASA RENA 41.

A 4-hectare garden where, in addition to the harvesting and drying of the botanicals that gives the flavor and aroma to our Distilled GIN, aspires to propose an approach eco-sustainable in a special place like the Sardinia Island.
A unique place to live a unique experience and discover the secrets of our RENA 41 Distilled Gin.
Each bottle of RENA 41 contains our passion and craftsmanship and tells the story of our land where the sea meets the sky.

  • Sardegna

    "blue zone"

    A place where people are living longer and healthier lives than anywhere else on the planet

  • “This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself.
    Sardinia is out of time and history.”

    D.H. Lawrence

    Sea and Sardinia, 1921

the name

The name RENA derives directly from the ancient Mediterranean languages and means "joyful, reborn", but it also represents what is called the "circle of life": from the earth, the soil, the botanicals and the fruits up to the bottle.

RENA in Sardinian and old Italian stands for "sand" which is one of the most important elements that characterize the most beautiful places of the Sardinia Island.

41, 41 parallel, where mainly botanicals come from and also where CASA RENA 41 and our garden are located.


RENA 41 is an Artisanal Distilled Gin, conceived in Sardinia ,created by Giorgio Ferrero, and distilled in small batches.

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To craft the liquid, the botanicals including the Sardinian “coccolone” Juniperus, myrtle, lemon, damask rose, helichrysum, white grapefruit and hibiscus are individually distilled using techniques as slow infusion, vacuum and copper pot distillation.
Each component is then expertly blended, a process that can be compared to the being assembly of a perfume.

It is therefore a process that requires master blender and cellar team full attention and at the same time it allows a continuous control and evaluation during all the processing phases of each single ingredient.
The use of the finest grain alcohol gives the finished product an extraordinary finesse. The result allows to obtain a distilled Gin where all the raw materials maintain their unique and unmistakable characteristics.

delicately distilled

The Distillation is performed via a vacuum process (also called low temperature or cold), where the evaporation of ethyl alcohol and aromatic components takes place at lower temperatures than a traditional distillation (in vacuum it’s possible to distill at temperatures between 55 and 65°C). The vacuum distillation process allows for a significant reduction “delle impurità di testa”, which are more common in classic distillation.
The vacuum distillation process also offers economic and environmental advantages because , thanks to the qualities described , reduces energy needs.

This particular process preserves the intensity and complexity of each botanical, which are "carefully accompanied" throughout the distillation process up to the creation of our RENA 41 Distilled Gin and gives to the distillate more elegance and delicacy of aromas and at the same time a greater aromatic intensity.

This finally allows to keep in each bottle of RENA 41 Distilled Gin all the passion for our extraordinary land, the Sardinia Island, and its natural products.

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