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RENA 41 Distilled Gin, 44,4% vol.

The uncommon Sardinian juniper character, the fresh sensations of the flowery notes, the subtle citrusy blend, of the sundried lemons and white grapefruit peels, are accompanied by the delicate balsamic notes ,coming from the distillation of the myrtle leaves.

When sipping Rena 41Distilled Gin the whole taste is surprising for its very smooth and sensorial top notes , despite the high ABV strength, offering an exceptional silky sensation.
The particularly intense mouthfeel coming from the red juniper berries and the blend of aromatic herbs, is followed by a surprising long-lasting taste which is constructed by a wise mix of the gentian roots, coriander, rosemary and the warming spiciness of ginger.

A particular and aromatic distilled gin, a mastery blend of Sardinian juniper, myrtle, citrus and other aromatic herbs to create an exquisite panel of sensorial top notes alongside with a smooth fragrant and long mouthfeel. The blend with a classic dry vermouth will create an unexpected version of the classic martini cocktail.
With tonic water Rena 41 is an explosion of the uncommon juniper oxycedrus notes accompanied by a powerful blend of warm spicy notes and citrusy sensations.
18 botanicals make up the botanical basket

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